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What I do: 
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With podcasts,
&  community.

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My name is Jasmin Bauomy

I'm a narrative journalism expert and I use a personal and unambiguous approach in every aspect of my work. First and foremost I am a podcast producer and audio journalist & photographer with additional experience in video journalism, writing and consulting work. 

My goal: Amplify the voices of those who experience & shape our times, and capture today's Zeitgeist, while bending well-known formats. 

During many years of figuring out what I'm not good at and which jobs I don't enjoy, I developed somewhat of a talent:

I can reach people and influence their understanding of big topics by tackling issues through a personal, emotional, human lens. Every story & big abstract topic can be told through the perspective of a human connection, be it finance, politics, human rights, war, or scientific achievements. I am inherently fascinated by the human condition and try to highlight it in my work.

 Podcast Production & Consulting   Speaker  Media Strategy Consulting News & Feature Writing Photography   Video Production for Digital Platforms Podcast Hosting    Creative Initiatives   Multimedia Journalism

Journalistic work requires balanced coverage of issues. But I also think, it demands that we bring our own perspectives, experiences, and identities to the table in an effort to unbias the news in its skewness towards eurocentric perspectives, abelist and patriarchal views. There are stories I've covered I would've never come across had it not been for being sensitized to certain topics due to my multiethnic and multicultural upbringing. 

My identity as a multiethnic and multicultural person, as an Arab-European or a European Arab, plays into how I see the world. It not only shapes who I am, but it shapes my work and the work environment I have chosen for myself. Equal opportunity and equitable access to chances are important to me. While having a seat at the table is fine, it doesn't mean much if your voice isn't heard. I apply this philosophy to every aspect of my work. 

Here are some of the media outlets and organizations I've worked for and/or with:


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